By far, the insides shot’s an outside shot of our short film has been done. Except for one scene that requires a large group of people for the scene to look more realistic. The shot needs to be in a living room. That specific part of the film will get done on Friday afternoon. I […]

The check-in

For the duration of my project I’ve been using a Gantt chart, according to Investopedia “A Gantt chart is a graphical depiction of a project schedule. It’s a type of bar chart that shows the start and finish dates of several elements of a project that include resources, milestones, tasks, and dependencies.” In smaller words […]

Breaking down my project.

I’ve broken up my project into small action steps that I would have to complete by the end of a deadline. One of the biggest steps is finishing the screenplay for our short film it takes time and rounds of feedback. If we did not have that done, we wouldn’t be able to do anything […]


The purpose of our proof of concept was to prove that we can produce a ten-second clip in two weeks. I learned how difficult it is to shoot a short film. I and my partner were struggling with how to start, we had no idea what we were doing at first. When we had our […]


The first week of propel was more difficult than I believed. I was in a class with 28 strangers I have not met before but looked like very nice people. I was a bit nervous every day during the first week of propel. It did not help when, on the first day, teachers kept giving […]